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Title Insurance

We are passionate about protecting lenders against often-unpredictable title issues that may arise, while of course keeping the buyer’s best interests at heart too. We have seen more than our fair share of title-related issues arising long after the transaction is “complete,” such as legal claims attached to the property owing to hidden court settlements. Without title insurance, unexpected scenarios like these can resurface with a vengeance. Protect your purchase and legal integrity with critical title insurance, defending you against both past and present title crises for as long as you’re living in the property. We can assist with both Lender’s and Owner’s Policies, both of which are strongly recommended to safeguard lenders against title defects that could affect loan security – and owners against unpredictable future claims. Title insurance is priceless when looking at the potential risks, and the cost is significantly lower than other forms of insurance such as car cover.

Settlement Services

Consider us a neutral third-party in the transaction closing process. Exceed Title Agency’s experienced title agents will provide exceptional support at every stage of the closing process, from escrow facilitation to document notarization and county deed recording. This gives our esteemed clients one less thing to worry about, so they can focus on closing this chapter as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

Transaction Refinancing

Are you thinking of refinancing your home? If so, you’ll need support from a trusted title company near you. With us on your team, we can perform a thorough search of public records to confirm ownership of the property. You won’t normally need a new title by the end of it all, unless in the case of special circumstances like the new mortgage requiring one less name (such as in the case of a divorce). If you are verified as a property’s confirmed owner, you may submit your title policy to us and receive a reissue credit.

Overall, we are involved as a “middleman” between different parties in the refinancing process, from lenders to borrowers, attorneys, surveyors, and even government employees. Refinancing is an undertaking, and a significant one at that, with many steps to be resolved before closing can happen. As an intermediary, we will work with everyone involved to ensure a smooth-sailing process that benefits all while preventing unexpected hiccups.

Equity Products

We guarantee efficiency and ease when delivering our full list of home equity title solutions and valuation products. We understand that each client we work with is unique, which is why we tailor each bespoke home equity product for your convenience and peace of mind. We keep the needs of each lender and loan type in mind, so you can walk away with a cost-effective title product that aligns with your unique risk capacity. Contact us today to learn more.

Condominium Conversions

Are you looking to convert your property into a condominium? There are many benefits to doing so, including increasing the property’s value and pool of interested buyers who may traditionally be unable to purchase in the neighborhood. However, the first step is to ensure that your property is indeed eligible for the conversion. Certain building codes and subdivisions may prohibit the process, but once we’ve confirmed your property’s eligibility, we can run through the projected fees and costs while preparing all required documentation, including:

  • Description of Land
  • Public Offering Statement
  • By-Laws
  • Anticipated Budget
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Comment Element Percentage Allocation
  • Articles of Incorporation (Condominium Association)
  • Survey, Plat Drawings, and Unit Sketchers

New Construction

Do you need to work with a title company when constructing commercial property? The short answer is YES – and here’s why. We are here to make sure the land or commercial property you’re interested in is the right fit, by researching the title, maintaining the escrow account, handling all closing documentation, and providing critical title insurance. We will also work closely with your lender to monitor every leg of the construction journey, acting as a “middleman” between you, the lender, the seller, and the insurance company. When it comes to the title search, this is important to identify liens, unpaid tax, outstanding mortgages, and anything else that could adversely affect your investment and construction journey. Ultimately, we want to ensure that the seller is eligible to sell the land to you, which we can only confirm through a thorough search and investigation. Title insurance is also crucial to protect both you and the lender from unpredictable defects that could fly by the radar for months or years. If your title is indeed clean, we will partner with our trusted underwriter to develop a policy for both buyer and lender. We can also assist with construction draws, so contact us today to learn more.

Tract Searches

A tract index refers to a document and summary of real property transactions across various states in the U.S. We can use this index to discover more about a property’s current title holder, judgments, liens, outstanding texts, and more. Contact us to find out about how we can initiate the tract search process on your home or property you are interested in purchasing.


Developing a new property? Condominium? Don’t make another move without a reliable title company by your side. We collaborate with developers and builders to protect their investments with airtight title insurance policies, while supporting residential and commercial sales and purchases. We’ll use our years of experience in the industry to ensure no title-related hiccups arise, so you can focus on completing your development. Let Exceed Title Agency safeguard every stage of your project, ensuring a lucrative investment that will thrive for years to come.

Deed and Money Escrow

An escrow refers to an arrangement whereby a neutral third-party keeps legal documents and funds on the buyer or seller’s behalf. As a trusted title company, we would be honored to assist with the escrow process, appropriately distributing these documents and funds in line with the purchase agreement. Escrows come in very handy to protect both buyers and sellers, while ensuring convenience at every phase of the property transaction journey. With us as your escrow holder, you may instruct us to disburse the purchase price upon fulfilment of specific conditions and prerequisites. We can also hold the deed to the buyer until the seller’s requirements are met. In fact, we can perform a long list of duties without the need for further consultation, saving everyone time and hassle during the transaction closing process.

Construction Escrow

Exceed Title Agency works closely with both builder and lender during the construction period to bring the property and its new mortgage into reality. Lenders choose Exceed Title Agency for support with loan fund disbursement and helping to pay loan funds. These are paid intermittently, as opposed to giving everything to the builder at closing. Otherwise known as “draws,” these periodic payments function as “checkpoints” to keep tabs on the construction progress. The builder shares the project’s budget with us prior to the initial draw, which functions as a blueprint for us to follow. The builder may need to request the lender’s permission to draw funds, which will be transferred to us. The lender or their inspector can then inspect the property to determine if the work indicated on the draw request has been completed as expected. Exceed Title Agency also collects lien waivers from the relevant contractors and suppliers when loan funds are used to cover the correct amounts as specified in the draw request (if outlined in the escrow agreement). Upon successful project completion, we receive an Affidavit of Completion from the contractor.

Proceeds of Loan Closing

What happens on the big closing day? This is one of the questions we at Exceed Title Agency get asked the most. Buyers will need to sign various documents regarding the home sale and mortgage loan, like the Bill of Sale, Property Deed, Closing Disclosure, Mortgage Agreement and Note, and Transfer Tax Declaration. You’ll also need to cover the final closing costs, so that the seller can receive their sale proceeds and the estate agents can also get paid. Finally, the property title is transferred from seller to buyer, with the latter finally obtaining the keys as the official new owner. The closing agent or notary can then register the new deed with the relevant government office, after which the buyer can be listed as the property’s new official owner.

We know that the closing process can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially for first-time buyers and sellers, which is why we’re here to provide our unyielding support and guidance. For starters, you can prepare for the process by starting to saving money ahead of time to cover unexpected last-minute payments, monitoring the arrival of your Closing Disclosure Document, and figuring out which payment method you’d prefer to use for closing costs. Usually, the home buyer brings a cashier’s check to cover outstanding closing fees and costs. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you may wish to negotiate how payment splitting will work before signing any contracts.

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